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to our service section. Here you will find useful information about our custom size service, tips on care and taking measurements, as well as answers to the question about what all those little symbols on the care tag are trying to tell us.

How to measure correctly:

It’s quite simple if you keep a few points in mind. With our guide, it can’t go wrong.

rectangular and square Tables

Measure the length and width of the table and add the desired overhang to each side.

round tables

Measure the diameter of the table and add the desired overhang to the circumference.

oval tables with straight sides

Measure the longest and widest parts of the table and add the desired overhang to the circumference.


The upper line indicates the drop.

The lower line indicates the table size.

oval tables without straight sides

To ensure that your tablecloth fits perfectly, a stencil is always necessary for tables without straight sides. If the table is symmetrical, a stencil of half its size is sufficient.

How to make a template

For oval tables, you need a template. To make one, cover the table with newspaper or packing paper, fasten the sides with sticky tape and trace the edges of the tabletop. Then cut the template out – done!

PROFLAX service massanfertigung sondermassservice made to order

We have a great deal in store for you – including a service for making custom sizes.

Whether you want jumbo cushions for the terrace, over-sized runners or a tablecloth to accommodate a dinner for 12, for our custom sizes team, special orders are their stock-in-trade. So you can order almost any of our products from the Basic or the current seasonal collection to your own specifications. Round or oval tablecloths are no problem for us. We tailor-make the suitable covering for every shape of table with loving craftsmanship and in exactly the size you envision.

PROFLAX service handmade handgefertigt Sondermaßservice made to order

Care Tips

With their high-quality materials, our products have the best prospects for a long life. However, it depends on the right care, too. To make sure that the colours don’t fade and the fabric retains its lovely appearance, please observe the directons on the care tags and our recommendations on laundering and stain removal.

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    • Use only colour detergent without optical brighteners
    • Most heavy duty laundry detergents contain optical brighteners. In the process of washing, the brighteners accumulate on the fibres, leaving a residue which causes colours to fade
    • Most heavy duty laundry detergents contain optical brighteners. In the process of washing, the brighteners accumulate on the fibres, leaving a residue which causes colours to fade
    • Always observe the washing temperature noted on the care label
    • 60 °C washing temperature is usually sufficient to remove stains
    • It is best to remove soiling quickly – fresh stains are easier to treat than dried ones
    • Pre-treat tough stains
    • To avoid wrinkling and creasing, use the gentle cycle and do not overload the machine
    • Textile fabrics shrink during the first few washes, generally by 3 – 5 %


    How to keep non-iron fabrics non-iron:

    • Wash using the gentle cycle
    • Spin briefly
    • Remove items from the washing machine promptly and pull them into shape gently while still damp
    • Hang up smooth or pre-dry in the tumble-dryer at a low temperature and then hang up smooth to dry completely



    Products featuring stain protection are resistant to liquids, stains and soil

    • Liquids are not absorbed into the fabric but simply bead on the surface and can be blotted off with an absorbent cloth (e.g., paper towel)
    • Cautiously brush off solids without rubbing
    • Any stains that do occur will wash out easily
    • Select the easy-care setting
    • After washing, reactivate the stain protector by ironing
    • Fabric softeners and stain removers interfere with the stain protectors’ performance


What does the care label say?

The temperature figures and the hand in the washbasin are self-explanatory. But what does the crossed triangle mean, if you please? Here you have the solution.

Machine Washing

Normal cycle
Easy care cycle
Delicate cycle
Hand wash
Do not wash
Maximum temperature

Professional Dry Cleaning

Normal (any solvent except trichloroethylene)
Mild process (lower agitation)
Normal (petroleum solvent only)
Mild process (lower agitation)
Wet cleaning
Mild process (low agitation) wet cleaning
Do not dry clean
Do not wet clean


Any bleach allowed
(e.g. universal washing powder)
Only oxygen bleach allowed
(e.g. universal washing powder)
Do not bleach
(use colour or mild detergent)

Tumble dry

Normal cycle
Gentle cycle
Do not tumble dry


Low temperature (max. 110 °C)
preferably without steam
Moderate temperature (max. 150 °C)
Hot iron (max. 200 °C)
Do not iron

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