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This season once again, the kitchen can get a new look in a snap because our popular aprons and dish towels have lots of hand-painted motifs to offer! Wild boar, sheep, reindeer and goose abound on cotton woven in Germany: the botanical motifs ranging from fennel to fir forest are Italian half-linen prints and only available as dish towels.


Kitchen online

You can find all the colours and motifs in our online shop as well!


Made in Europe

Since 1864, PROFLAX has stood for first-class quality, but also for especially sustainable and resource-efficient production. Almost all of our products are made in Europe, such as the kitchen series KISSS THE COOK, manufactured in Germany and Italy. But, the cool aprons and dish towels of 100% cotton or half-linen are popular already on account of their hand-drawn motifs from our design studio!


Funny Friends

As of now our Kiss the Cook motifs make life not only more attractive but also cosier: BERTA the sheep, ILSE the goose, and EGON the wild boar are now available as cushions, too.