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PROFLAX basic essentials pillow kissen sofakissen sofa cushion

When it comes to cushions,

we know no bounds. We love them in small, large, narrow or wide – and in just about all the solid colours imaginable. That’s why the selection at Proflax is simply a little more exciting than elsewhere.

  • PROFLAX_BE_pillow_toronto


    So comfy, so chic! These cushions have simply everything that our rooms need now: cuddly-soft chenille in the trending, casual washed look, wonderful colours and – especially stylish – colour-contrasting reverse.

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    Item number 3900
    100% polyester

    Available as cushion

  • PROFLAX basic essentials pillow kissen sofakissen sofa cushion sven


    This pure linen in trending washed look exudes the casual charm that you can hardly resist – especially when it comes in so many seductive colours.

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    Item number 3180
    100 % linen
    Fabric width 170 cm
    Made to order
  • PROFLAX basic essentials pillow kissen sofakissen sofa cushion boda


    No need for this fine fabric to shout “Here!” – its fans are well aware, after all, what they love about this extra heavy, pure linen Boda: the grainy texture with the super-soft hand and its cool nonchalance!

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    Item number 3268
    100 % linen
    Fabric width 140 cm
    Made to order
PROFLAX liebe zum detail sorgfalt accuracy

Here every tone harmonizes.

We are very partial to colours. That’s why we would never have the heart to sew up a cushion in light apricot with a dull white zipper!  Every one of our zippers matches the colour of its cushion or duvet cover, and even the exact shade of the thread is selected with care. Go ahead and take a closer look!

  • PROFLAX basic essentials pillow kissen sofakissen sofa cushion secret


    Life can be so fluffy and all you need for that is Secret: the cuddly cushions are made of super-soft snuggle-fleece and can be had in practically every favourite colour – in yours, for sure!

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    Item number 8064
    70% polyester 30% viscose