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In autumn, all the styling signs are pointing to red – after all, our all-time favourite comes in a whole palette of ravishing nuances: from deep Vino to rich Rosso all the way to Burnt Orange.


Seasonal PULSE

Mini patterns continue to claim their territory in the interior! On account of their multiple colours, they are especially easy to combine and therefore versatile in use – like our new snuggle-Jacquard PULSE with its classic zig-zag pattern. Altogether, the classics among the weaves are experiencing a revival – provided they come in out-of-the-ordinary formats and colours! Another good example of that is our YORK hound’s-tooth in on-trend colour Honig!


Seasonal NOW

This super-soft, casual and amazingly voluminous material is – you won’t believe it – made of felt! More precisely, it’s the luxury version of felt. That is to say, with our Seasonal NOW, the normally rustic natural material has undergone a new, intensive treatment: woolen fibres are tangled, boiled, washed and beaten with needles until they are inextricably bonded with each other. Sounds ouch, but for a super-soft cushion we’re willing to do anything!